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TEKEVER ASDS strives to provide its customers with the most advanced, most capable products. Hence, it invests significantly in maturing and researching groundbreaking technologies and concepts that can be folded into product evolutions or used to create new offers. The ASDS division has defined a strategic research agenda based on its vision and aligned with the major European and World-wide technology platforms.

Energy Management   Positioning
The number of electronic devices used by people has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years. Be it by regular people on a daily basis (e.g. the myriad of devices of personal navigation devices...   The ability to locate assets in an accurate and efficient way is becoming commonplace in numerous domains and part of the minimum expectations users entertain for any application.
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Command and Control   Advanced Land-based Communications
The Command and Control (C2) technology line focuses on maturing and developing solutions for four main axes of C2 systems ...   The field of communication networks is rapidly advancing under new visions for future networks (which include for e.g. the Internet of things and ubiquitous connectivity across heterogeneous networks).
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Advanced Aerial Communications   Smart Antennas
In this technological domain, TEKEVER Communication Systems is developing architectures capable of supporting voice and data services over advanced technologies such as mobile Ad-hoc networks ...   In the domain of smart antennas, TEKEVER Communication Systems is currently exploring Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) technologies and Beam-forming techniques ...
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Unmanned vehicles   Advanced Technologies for Space
By 2020, autonomous systems will play a fundamental role in every aspect of Society: as tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce risks for human life, and perform previously impossible tasks.   The cuts in institutional Space budgets over the recent years have hinted at a shift towards encouraging private undertakings and the fully-fledged creation of private space markets ...