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MORE: Model Once Run Everywhere
TEKEVER created and developed the MORE Technology Platform to enable the creation of EVERNET-enabled products and solutions with simplicity and cost-efficiency. MORE is designed to allow non-technical users to rapidly create and deploy distributed applications that can run on any device, use any type of network, and explore channel-interoperability to provide a ubiquitous collaboration environment.
MORE provides the tools to create and manage structural and behavioral system models, and a powerful distributed execution environment capable of executing models over any type of device and communication technology. MORE technology comprehends the usage of three basic types of user interface channels for each type of device: Smart, Online and Messaging Channels. Each type of channel has a different technical architecture, and is adapted to the specific requirements of PCs, PDAs and Cell phones.
MORE Technology radically changes the approach to developing multi-channel applications. The focus is on structural and behavioral modeling, and not on the underlying technologies that will actually make execution possible, which allows non-technical users to create and deploy advanced multi-channel solutions and eliminates the tradional device-choice restrictions.

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