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New challenges have arisen and continue to arise in the Aeronautics and Space markets. Air transport continues to increase annually straining current systems to the limit. Time, cost and environmental efficiency as well as safety concerns have gained significant importance in the agendas of the main players and the air transport system has committed to improve them substantially in the next 20 years. However, the conservative nature of the aviation community has raised interesting challenges with regards to the adoption of new, advanced technologies to address those concerns. In particular, the issues of integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems into the Airspace and the evolution of the latter into a higher capacity system still have technological and regulatory unsolved problems.

In the domain of space, the institutional markets have witnessed some budget cuts in recent years and the need for opening space to private initiatives as an engine for innovation has been acknowledged by many. However, the barriers to entry (in particular, launch costs) still limit the adoption of new unproven technologies and result in a more conservative culture of risk aversion and slower technology up-take. Faster in-space technology validation and in particular the spin-in of particular advanced terrestrial technologies to space will contribute to a faster take-up of advanced concepts and consequently a faster evolution of the space markets.

TEKEVER ASDS, along with its subsidiaries is working to bring these visions into fruition. Through its advanced aerial communications and unmanned vehicles product lines, and advanced space technologies research, TEKEVER ASDS explores the possibilities of integrating unmanned systems into the air transport system, contributes to increasing the information exchange in the air and consequently towards a safer higher capacity air transport system and promotes the use of innovative technology in space.