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Small & Medium Business
The promise of higher efficiency as always been the main attraction for SMEs to seek and implement mobile solutions. However, the adoption of a solution that effectively brings business advantages and provides significant efficiency gains is often unachievable. The cost of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure to support a mobile solution and the investment in customization and implementation services is, most of the times, an impossible barrier to overcome.

Since its inception, TEKEVER has worked with hundreds of micro, small and medium sized enterprises, in all market segments, implementing all sorts of mobile solutions, and learning about all major adoption challenges.

The MOBIZY Services Platform is the result of hundreds of man-years of experience in the enterprise mobility market, and is specifically designed to eliminate all the traditional barriers that stand between SMEs and the adoption of efficient and adequate mobile solutions.

Providing a huge set of off-the-shelf, yet fully customizable, mobile solutions for all major functions and markets, the MOBIZY Service Platform allows SMEs to implement highly efficient mobile solutions with zero investment in infra-structure, software or implementation services. A revolutionary business model that allows any company to have access to best-of-bread mobile solutions, while having immediate return on investment.

To learn more about how MOBIZY can help you enter the world of enterprise mobility, please contact us.