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Defense & Security
Over the last decade, the Defense and Security markets have seen significant changes. More conservative budgets in Defense combined with a higher focus on Security have led to increased interest in so called dual-use technologies with promises of lower operating and maintenance costs. In this context, the capacity to modernize the military and security forces and their equipment in a cost efficient and sustainable way has jumped to the forefront of concerns.

On the other hand, the increase ease with which advanced technology is readily available to the general public and can be modified or used for malicious purposes (e.g. by terrorist groups) raises serious concerns. Military and security forces need to keep their technological edge in order to overcome threats to states and citizens, but need to do so in as cost efficient way as possible.

TEKEVER ASDS and its subsidiaries innovative technologies and product ranges are conceived precisely to cater to these needs. By embracing new concepts and technologies focused on flexibility and on providing existing or improved capability levels in more demanding situations, TEKEVER ASDS aims to provide its clients with the tools to modernize assets, equipments and resources in a continuous and sustainable way. Additionally, by exploiting technologies such as Ad-hoc networking, Cognitive Radio and Unmanned platforms, TEKEVER ASDS is contributing to the implementation of the new capabilities sought after by its clients.