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Energy & Utilities
TEKEVER helps Utilities companies to face two of their biggest challenges: Customer Satisfaction and Increased Operational Efficiency.

Keeping up with the fast pace of today‘s society and customer expectations is a challenge for Energy and Utilities organizations. Customers demand better service, at lower costs, and expect their Utilities to provide the highest standards in customer service.

TEKEVER helps Energy and Utilities organizations, by providing them with innovative and improved ways of communicating with its customers, offering new services over new types of communication channels. The cutting edge uMETER Service Platform focuses on providing consumers with precise consumption information and intelligent optimization services, that allow them to have a better understanding of their consumption patterns, the associated carbon footprint and the associated bills.

Weather supplying electricity, gas, water or communications, maintaining a high standard service with low operational costs is a priority for today‘s Utilities. Effectively deploying and maintaining assets and operating a large technical workforce are two of the biggest challenges faced by Utilities today.
The OZONO Service Suite provides end-to-end support for all operational processes, using the most appropriate device and communication technologies to interact with field personnel, and providing a single point of management, configuration and analysis. With the OZONO Service Suite, Utilities can optimize the usage of their workforce, reducing operational costs and raising the bar on service quality.