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Financial Services
In the last decades, the Retail Banking industry has been exploring the advances in Information and Communication Technologies to increase the quality and availability of services offered to individual and corporate customers. ATMs, Call centres, transactional internet sites and mobile banking have changed the way in which people interact with their bank, making services available anywhere and at anytime.

In this multichannel customer service reality, the three main challenges faced by Financial Services organizations are:
  • The cost of developing and constantly evolving banking applications for the variety of user interaction platforms available today, ranging from websites, to mobile devices, to web 2.0 technologies;
  • Knowing how to explore this tremendous range of options in user interaction technologies, offering services that effectively make a difference in improving the quality of service and the customer's comfort;
  • Choosing the appropriate channels to reach each customer at any given time, without being intrusive or posing a threat to his privacy.
TEKEVER's Multichannel Service Platform is designed to aid financial organizations in fully exploring the range of possibilities brought by all these new technology platforms, while easing the burden of the necessary investment in IT, and even lowering the overall cost of maintaining and evolving all electronic user interaction channels.

TEKEVER's Multichannel Service platform offers a pre-packaged set of fully customizable banking services over an extremely wide variety of user interaction platforms, including Web, Mobile Web, WAP, SMS, Mobile Applications for all major types of devices, Instant Messaging and Widgets/Gadgets compatible with most common platforms.

The main benefits of TEKEVER's Multichannel Service platform are summarized in the following ten points:
  • Supports all major types of platforms, including Web, Mobile Web, WAP, SMS, Mobile Applications for all major types of devices, Instant Messaging and Widgets/Gadgets compatible with most common platforms;
  • Lower maintenance costs, achieved by a revolutionary architecture that allows services that are defined in a central and homogeneous way to be executed over all user interaction channels;
  • Faster creation of services, achieved through a graphical designing console, that allows the organization to focus on service definitions without worrying about the underlying technical details;
  • Lower cost of service evolution, by focusing investment on the constant improving of existing services and creating new services, without having to deal with the technical complexity of each specific channel;
  • Continuous technical update for supporting new versions of existing user interaction channels, and making services available over new types of devices and platforms;
  • Pre-packaged set of services, that reflects best practices in eBanking, and allows a fast, cost efficient, no hassle deployment process;
  • All services are fully configurable services, both at a global level (the same service offered in all the channels) and channel level (the same service is offered in different ways depending on the channels);
  • Designed for multi-organization environments, allowing the same implementation to be compatible with different simultaneous corporate images, back-end systems and back-offices (usually required for a Group level platform);
  • Designed for Multi-Lingual contexts, both for customers and back-office personnel;
  • Powerful integration architecture, with out-of-the-box integration tools for most commonly available systems and platforms, using standard integration technologies.

To learn more about TEKEVER's offering for the Financial Services market, please contact us.