COMPASS2020 aims to demonstrate the combined use and
seamless coordination of manned and unmanned assets to achieve greater coveragebetter quality of information and shorter response times in maritime surveillance operations. By combining innovative technologies and integrating them within the current operational procedures, the COMPASS2020 solution ensures long range and persistent surveillance, increasing the situational awareness of Coast Guards and maritime authorities, thus increasing the cost-effectiveness, availability and reliability of the operations.

Main Objectives and Advantages

COMPASS2020 aims to demonstratethe combined use andseamlesscoordinationofmannedandunmannedassets to achievegreatercoverage, betterqualityofinformationandshorter response times in maritimesurveillanceoperations. Bycombininginnovativetechnologiesandintegratingthemwithinthecurrentoperationalprocedures, the COMPASS2020 solutionensureslong range and persistente surveillance, increasingthesituationalawarenessofCoastGuardsandmaritimeauthorities, thusincreasingthecost-effectiveness, availabilityandreliabilityoftheoperations.

Proposed Concept of Operations:

  • Concept of Operations
Proposal of an innovative and cost effective combined concept of operations for manned and unmanned assets for Maratime Surveillance.
  • Multi-domain Mission System
Deployment of a Multi-domain Mission System (MDMS) capable of integrating data from manned assets as well as from UxVs (aerial and underwater).
  • Unnmanned Vehicles
Assess and improve the current capabilities of Unmanned Vehicles (UxVs) for Maratime operations, including the launch and recovery systems and development of innovative sensors.
  • Services
Development of software tools capable of increasing the MDMS capabilities, including data fusion and threat risk analysis, as well as automatic tasking for UxV fleets.
  • COMPASS2020 Demonstration
Demonstration of the COMPASS2020 Concept of Operations in an operational exercise is foreseen to be organized by the end of the project.
  • Dissemination of results
Dissemination of the outcomes and lessons learnt from COMPASS2020 to the target communities.

About the project:
Project name:COMPASS2020 – CoordinationOfMaritimeassets for PersistentAndSystematicSurveillance
Project reference:833650
Project start date: 01/05/2019
Duration: 18months
Consortium:DIRECCAO GERAL DA AUTORIDADE MARITIMA (Portugal), TEKEVER ASDS (Portugal), Naval Group (France), Airbus DefenceandSpace (Germany), Edisoft (Portugal), ECA Robotics (France), TNO (Netherlands), INCAS (Romania), ISD (Greece), NLR (Netherlands),CENTRO DE ANALISE E OPERACOES MARITIMAS-NARCOTICOS (Portugal), NATO CMRE (Belgium), Home Office (UK), MINISTARSTVO SAOBRACAJA I POMORSTVA (Montenegro)
Total cost: 5 952 300€
EU Contribution: 4 838 489,61€