TEKEVER offers a surveillance-as-a-service solution, delivering actionable real-time intelligence to make oceans safer and save more lives. We are the proven global leader in real-time maritime perception

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TEKEVER offers 3 mission-oriented product lines through its unmanned aerial systems business unit,
providing the customer with Data and Intelligence Services.


A modular & transformable asset, with optionally VTOL capability, for extended aerial operations, especially in difficult terrain conditions. AR3 - VTOL option is the ideal choice for meeting evolving mission requirements.

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AR4 is the ideal equipment for short range Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. User friendliness, easy transportation and intuitive operation are only some of the features this best-in-class UAS has to offer.

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TEKEVER AR5 keeps an eye on the sea. Designed to be cost effective, can regularly operate beyond radio line of sight (BRLOS) with high-capacity satellite communications and carry payloads including maritime radar.

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Intelligence as-a-service

Designed for key decision makers and management level staff, TEKEVER ATLAS provides intelligent onboard and on-ground tools for real-time and historical data processing. Our AI/ML-powered data-centre assures the right person gets the right information at the right moment.

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We are helping organizations to take radically improve their business by transforming strategy, culture,
processes and systems to take advantage of the better, faster and tailor-made information.


TEKEVER AR5 lifeboat showcased by EMSA in an Italian Coast Guard search and rescue exercise 05/02/2024

TEKEVER has confirmed the successful deployment of a lifeboat from its AR5 drone as part of a search and rescue exercise conducted by the Italian Coast Guard, in partnership with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). With fully automatic operation, sensors onboard the drone enable the detection of vessels or humans on the water.

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Successful Integration of TEKEVER Digital Services with ASTRIIS Platform Demonstrated 25/01/2024

In a landmark demonstration of technological prowess, TEKEVER has showcased the seamless integration of its digital services with the ASTRIIS platform, alongside advancements in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The demonstration, held at the Museu das Comunicações in Lisbon, marks a significant milestone in the national collaborative project ASTRIIS (Atlantic Sustainability Through Remote and In-situ Integrated Solutions).

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Ricardo Mendes, TEKEVER CEO: “We can lead the world in AI defence technology” 03/01/2024

What lessons could the defence sector and governments learn from technology companies? Ricardo Mendes, CEO of TEKEVER, has shared his insights with readers of The Standard News. Government and industry need to adapt their operating models or risk being left behind – and being left behind in defence is a national security threat.

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