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Intelligence as-a-service

Designed for key decision makers and management level staff, TEKEVER ATLAS provides intelligent onboard and on-ground tools for real-time and historical data processing. Our AI/ML-powered data-centre assures the right person gets the right information at the right moment.


It will allow the decision makers to more effectively plan their missions, by allowing them to easily design mission parameters such as areas of interest, objectives and targets.

During Mission

Decision makers will be able to view live missions from anywhere.

Post Mission

This will enable the decision makers to review any mission that has been conducted and easily pull out the data needed to act as evidence.

Prepare Mission -
UAV Mission Enhancer ATLAS

  • Create mission briefs
  • Define objectives on map
  • Choose aircraft
  • Define mission parameters
  • Manage approval process with customisable workflow

Follow Live
UAV Mission Enhancer ATLAS

  • Follow live video feed and metadata from a browser:
  • Sensor Video, Flight plan, Flight path, Object identified
  • Additional layers supported (wind, currents)
  • Jump to any point in the mission timeline
  • No software installation needed

Search Live
UAV Missions Enhancer ATLAS

  • Search planned or ongoing live missions
  • Search by geographical area or mission parameters
  • See areas the sensors have covered

Search Vessels
UAV Mission Enhancer ATLAS

  • Find Vessels with mission search tool
  • Cross-reference to existing databases and AIS targets
  • Search through live and past missions for evidential data

Search Past
UAV Missions Enhancer ATLAS

  • Search completed and past missions
  • Search via geographical area or mission parameters
  • See areas missions have covered
  • Re-play missions as if it was live
  • Annotate with additional data

Explore Data
UAV Mission Enhancer ATLAS

  • View specific vessel details
  • Explore past missions where vessels were identified, either on direct video surveillance or AIS track hit
  • Replay missions and videos that have identified vessel-of-interest
  • Correlate data across missions


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