Gamalink Specs


SDR-based Inter-Satellite Link (ISL)
for flexible in-orbit connectivity

GAMALINK is a RF communications platform, optimised for in-orbit connectivity. It supports point-to-point and multi-node packet-oriented communications and offers seamless ranging, range rate and time correlation/synchronisation capability together with data exchange. It is the perfect enabler for formation flying, swarm missions or radio science applications.

Communications Range

10 cm to 1000+ k

Frequency Band

S-band (2.2 to 2.45 GHz)

RF Output Power

100mW to 4W

Net Data Rate

10kbps to 500kbps (adaptive)

Supply Voltage

22V to 32V unregulated

Data Interfaces

2 x RS-422 (up to 460800 baud) 2 x PPS input

Ranging Accuracy

Better than 50 cm (3-sigma)

Range Rate Accuracy

Better than 1 mm/s with 60s of integration time

Time Correlation Accuracy

Better than 1 ms (at interface level)

Radiation Protection

Qualified for TID up to 20krad SEE/SEL tolerant.


GAMALINK is available in two different configurations:

  • Deep Space version, with a robust mechanical housing, providing additional radiation shielding.
  • New Space version, more compact and streamlined design, compatible with the CubeSat form factor.

    Deep Space

    New Space


    60 x 120 x 65 mm

    96 x 94 x 45 mm